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Legit good guy Sauron memes

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Haha  (at Veterans village project 7 Q.C.)

Haha (at Veterans village project 7 Q.C.)


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"Queen of kings " by Nyree Mackenzie for Moustache magazine

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Photographer/ Creative Director: by Nyree Mackenzie Nyree Photo
Model: Gisèle Pletzer
Stylist / Fashion Director: Tamzen Holland Fashion-Stylist

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19 Men Share Stories of Being Raped By A Woman (NSFW)


1. “I must have said no a thousand times.”

Being raped by a woman isn’t cool and you aren’t “lucky”.

When I was 21 I was raped by the girl who was my girlfriend at the time. … The worst day of my life was when she decided to tie me up. She told me all the dirty things she was going to do to me while she kissed my neck and whispered into my ear as she tied my arms and legs down to the bed. Everything she said she was going to do was normal to me (suck me, ride me) so I let her tie me up. After I was tied up she asked me to try to break free and offered a reward to me if I could. She said she would be back and if I wasn’t free then I would miss out on the reward.

She came back and stood at the door and stared at me. She then told me how I wasn’t going to be rewarded because I couldn’t get out. She then told me she was going to punish me. Long story short, she ended up sodomizing me with her vibrator. I must have said no a thousand times. I was crying and begging her to stop which in hindsight probably made it worse. I was anally fucked, then she tried to ride me but I couldn’t even get up. I was so broken emotionally and in pain physically. She then got very mad that I couldn’t get it up which was never a problem. I was beaten for a while. Then the vibrator again while being hit. It lasted about 6 or 7 hours but felt like it was a dozen. For a while she just left it in me while she went in the other room to watch TV.

It was mid day when she tied me up and had been dark for a few hours after it was over. I ended up falling asleep tied up. I think I just passed out more from exhaustion of trying to break free/get her to stop. I woke up and I was untied in bed by myself. …

I ended up calling the police, which was the best decision I had ever made. The second I called them she calmed down and started to behave. They got there pretty quickly. Of course once they were there she played the damsel in distress and claimed that I was beating her up and choking her, etc. I told the cop everything that happened, which was embarrassing but worth it. They arrested her and she was jailed. … I had the option to press charges but ended up choosing not to after consulting with my lawyer.

Being raped has ruined my life for the time being.

2. “They said since it was a girl doing it to a guy, it was just ‘experimentation.’”

I’m a man. I was raped as a child. She was my cousin. About 15 or so, while I was four. I don’t remember a lot, either because I was so small or because I mentally blocked it, but I remember that she performed oral sex on me. Made me do the same to her. Stuck various things up my butt.

My mom called the police when I told her a few weeks later. They didn’t even investigate. They said since it was a girl doing it to a guy, it was just “experimentation.” Said it was okay.

3. “I thought, ‘Well, better to enjoy it than let it hurt me.’”

The way I lost my virginity could arguably be seen as rape.

She was stronger than I was at that age and there wasn’t much I could do about it.

I was turned on, but I really didn’t want it to happen.

But, happen it did.

It’s kind of interesting, in an abstract way, that your body can be aroused even though your rational mind is trying to find a way out of the situation.

… I basically reached a point where I could have been traumatized by it, but something just “clicked” and I thought, “Well, better to enjoy it than let it hurt me.”

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